Life at CrossFirst.


What you are.

  • Honesty - Relating to all people in a truthful, sincere and straight-forward manner
  • Humility - Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses while acknowledging the significant worth and contribution of others
  • Discretion - Ensuring the confidentiality of our relationships


What you can do.

  • Decisiveness - Being prepared and confident in making timely decisions
  • Wisdom - Knowing what is right and true while seeking advice when necessary
  • Initiative - Recognizing and doing what needs to be done and striving for continuous improvement


What you want to do.

  • Faithfulness - Protecting the reputation and assets of others
  • Responsibility - Striving to do what you commit to accurately, dependably, and on time
  • Accountability - Allowing trusted individuals to examine the results of our work and the quality of our relationships


What others see in you.

  • Positivity - Looking for the best in every person and every situation
  • Respect - Assuming the significant value of others and treating them as they would like to be treated
  • Compassion - Taking an interest in others while being kind, forgiving, and helpful

What our employees enjoy most about working at CrossFirst:

Strengths-Based Culture

Bringing out the best in our employees

In our approach to talent management, we partner with the Gallup organization to identify our team's strengths and skills to ensure each employee has the opportunity to utilize their unique strengths every day.